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Luxury hotels in castles

You weren’t born in a royal family or didn’t marry a member from the high society so you can enjoy all the perks associated with the elite? No worries. You can still “taste” some of the pleasures usually reserved to royalty even if you’re a common person. Welcome to those castles transformed into luxury hotels, where your every need is taken care of before you even voice it!

Impressive hallways, crenellations, massive windows, hidden passages and beautiful gardens. Fascinating elements which recall a bygone era with kings and queens, hard-fought battles and conquering campaigns. Nowadays you can still experience the scent of ancient times if you’re staying at a castle or manor transformed in a luxury hotel. France, England, Scotland and Ireland are some of the countries which know this trend all too well. The building’s rich history and opulent interiors are backed by modern technologies and all the amenities a modern traveller expects. So, if you think about it, success rests just around the corner – or, in our case, across the castle’s moat. If you’re lucky enough you might even meet genuine royal figures during your stay. Members of the world’s most notable dinasties are known to check-in sometimes, without bells and whistles, in these historic hideaways. For an unforgettable “royal” stay see our recommendations.